How to Fulfill the MIssion of the Church

Delivered By
Brad Eaton
Delivered On
July 23, 2023 at 10:45 AM
Central Passage
Acts 14:21-23

The first step to fulfill the mission of the church is this:

Preach the Gospel!

Brief Explanation: By preaching the Gospel, literally evangelizing, people will be converted by the grace of God!

Application: In our modern context, small groups provide a safe and encouraging tool by which unchurched people, who may have difficulties or hesitations to enter a church, can experience the love of Jesus Christ in community, thus forming an excellent opportunity for the entire church to evangelize.


The second step to fulfill the mission of the church is this:

Strengthen the Disciples!

Brief Explanation: Our lives in Christ are about more than conversion. Conversion is the starting point, and Paul and Barnabas knew that. That's why they focused on helping the church to grow because hardships will come. Christians face very difficult spiritual challenges, so being strengthened, and strengthening others, brings glory to God!

Application: Again, small groups provide the backdrop for intentional, personal, and intimate spiritual growth. When the entire church prioritizes and commits to active participation in small group, the entire church has a regular mechanism by which members can strengthen others, and be strengthened by others, to the glory of God!


The third step to fulfill the mission of the church is this:

Appoint Elders in Every Church!

Brief Explanation: Appointing elders is all about establishing the church, creating order, and equipping future leaders. The New Testament makes it clear that the pastor / elders of the church serve three primary roles. The pastor is a shepherd, spiritual guide, and counselor. The Elder is a mature, spiritually qualified leader who provides spiritual guidance. The bishop, a term not often used in Baptist churches, represents the role that pastor / elders take on when they do the role of overseer, being the leader, and supervising the affairs of the church. The church also needs a plurality of pastor / elders, as taught right here and other areas of the New Testament.

Application: Small groups provide the proving ground for new pastor / elders, and help to form a pipeline of leaders who may also grow to plant churches. By committing to small group, the church can continuously grow and appoint elders as needed.